Fresh Sausage

Mountaineer Sausage
 Homemade Salads Ham & Turkey Breast
Smoked Sausage & Wieners Bologna & Lunch Meats
Bacon, Pepperoni & Corndogs Pizzas

1 lb. Mild Sausage 12/1# 76010-11111
1 lb. Hot Sausage 12/1# 76010-22221
1 lb. Sage Sausage 12/1# 76010-33331
2 lb. Mild Sausage 6/2# 76010-11112
10 oz. Links 12/10 oz. 76010-44416
10 oz. Maple Links 8/10 oz. 76010-44420
20 oz. Links 8/20 oz. 76010-44425
10 oz. Patties 12/10 oz. 76010-44433
Italian Sausage 6/16 oz. 76010-44495
Bratwurst 6/16 oz. 76010-44496
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